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There are two stories about Axiall’s work for SDL: the categories of work are list building and client upgrade.

List building

SDL International has 50 offices in 30 countries and is the world leader in Global Information Management  software and services that are used by all types of industries. The SDL Life Sciences Solution team had developed a state-of-the-Art software solution for Multilingual (Global) Labeling which helps pharmaceutical companies to handle more efficiently and with higher quality and consistency new multilingual labelling requirements (PIM, etc.).

In view of the launch of this innovative solution, SDL wished to identify Heads of Regulatory Affairs and/or Regulatory Operations in major pharmaceutical companies in Europe, North America and Japan.

Patrick Baudouin, VP Life Sciences Solutions said “Axiall demonstrated a clear understanding of what we wanted to achieve. They worked closely with us during the programme and enabled us to ensure that the focus was kept on where we needed to achieve results. Their calling executive had a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical sector.

We gave Axiall a number of priority accounts we were particularly interested in and an overall target of individuals to be identified. They achieved a performance of 100% against the overall target and performed particularly well in our priority accounts. I would be happy to recommend Axiall’s professionalism and experience and to use them again.”

Customer Communication: Client Upgrade

SDL International provides software solutions and services that accelerate the delivery of high-quality multilingual content to global markets. SDL’s integrated web content management, ecommerce, structured content and language technology products are supported by an extensive translation network and language services that enable clients to drive down the cost of content creation, management, translation and publishing. SDL provides enterprise solutions to 42 of the top 50 world’s largest brands.

SDL asked Axiall to work with them on a major software upgrade project, to contact clients, explain the benefits of the new release and gain a commitment from clients to upgrade their systems.

Gina Davies, Client Services Manager, said, “Axiall’s commitment to achieving success was impressive. They provided an experienced team of individuals to administer and deliver the programme. Their callers were of an extremely high calibre and rapidly achieved a good understanding of SDL’s translation and terminology management products. They were proactive in suggesting changes to improve the programme outcomes and responsive to our concerns. They provided comprehensive feedback and reporting including a detailed final analysis that covered every aspect of the activity undertaken. They achieved all of the goals set for the programme. I look forward to working with Axiall again and would be pleased to recommend their services.


Sales Growth Delivered

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