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10 Steps to Intelligent Lead Generation – Part 5

  1. Feedback

7dwwcdv7wc4-david-marcuOnce calling begins ensure you are in regular contact with the caller(s) and are aware of the feedback they are receiving. If you’re not getting the results you need you should be ready to react by changing the parameters of the programme at an early stage

Count von Moltke famously said, No plan survives first contact with the enemy’.  The corollary is that to succeed you need to be agile in responding to adversity.

You need to know firsthand what results are being achieved and what feedback is being received. You’re then in a position to decide if changes need to be made and to implement them at an early stage. Areas you’ll wish to consider may include:

  • the proposition
  • the lift statement
  • objection handling
  • market segmentation
  • target functions
  • email follow-ups
  • collateral


  1. Report

When the campaign is complete ensure a final report is prepared highlighting the actual performance against the objectives set out in the brief and detailing lessons learned and recommendations for future actions

Undertaking a lead generation0 campaign can be a significant investment in terms of expenditure and/or management and staff time. To get the best return on that investment it’s important to understand what has been achieved and what lessons have been learnt.

Any good campaign should offer a series of outcomes:

  • a database of leads generated
  • a database of contacts who have expressed interest but require further nurturing
  • a database of individuals who have been identified as the most appropriate contact(s) within each target organisation
  • market intelligence elicited from questions agreed at the outset of the campaign to build a comprehensive picture of the market, purchasing criteria and competitive offerings

A final report should show what has been achieved in each of these areas and how the results compared to the original objectives.



As with most things in business and in life the secret is in the detail.

There is no guarantee of success, but doing the right things properly will offer the best chance of success.

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