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10 Steps to Intelligent Lead Generation – Part 4

  1. Write a detailed briefing document covering every aspect of the proposition, your company’s background and – CRUCIALLY – the objectives you believe you can realistically achieve

unsplash_5263607dd1bfc_1Many campaigns end in unhappiness when the campaign manager reports the results, only to be met with “That’s not what I expected from this programme”

A good briefing document provides a roadmap for the campaign. It must be comprehensive, yet brief and to the point. It is the tool which ensures that:

  • you have a clear idea of the messages you wish to convey
  • your messages demonstrate the business value you can deliver
  • the objectives of the campaign are clear
  • all involved share a common understanding of the objectives and how they are to be achieved

When properly implemented this process offers the best route to success


  1. Preparation

A project plan should be prepared that includes sufficient preparation time for the while team who will design and deliver the lead generation programme.

Ensure the lead generation team is properly briefed and has copies of the briefing document and all of the collateral that will be used in the campaign.

It is essential that the briefing process gives the content creators and callers all relevant information. They’ll need sufficient time to absorb the objectives of the campaign and how they are to be delivered. They will need to gain answers to any questions they may have. Only then should they begin to create the messages you want to deliver to the market and follow them up with the right kind of telephone contact.



As with most things in business and in life the secret is in the detail.

There is no guarantee of success, but doing the right things properly will offer the best chance of success.

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